Our focus is to support the integration of all relevant issues important in the business of clean energy technologies and systems.

We also provide specific services in different areas of our core competence.

Key Services:

Tailored reports and presentations in the areas of our core competence to meet the needs of a client.

General advice on the strategic directions of clean energy technologies and future energy systems.

Advice on the collaborative concept in the supply chain and networks.

Advice on the nuclear regulation and the conformity assessment of systems, structures and components to meet safety requirements.

Lectures and education courses tailored to the needs of a client in our areas of core competence.

Web-based marketing and communication plans for customer-oriented approaches utilising new communication technologies.


Core competence:

* Experience in management and execution of national and international R&D projects and programs in the clean energy technologies.
* Experience in management of R&D operation, human resources, competence building, mentoring, tutoring and strategic leadership.
* Experience in creation, coordination and management of European and other international innovative networks and legal entities.
* Experience in international high-level marketing and sales, customer relationship management and contract negotiations.
* Technical competence in solution finding related to material engineering, design and manufacturing of mechanical components.
* Technical competence in long term operation, ageing management, safety and reliability of energy production and root cause analysis of safety critical components.
* Technical competence in nuclear legislation, regulation and safety requirements.
* Latest knowledge in technical communication and customer oriented approach
Preparation of the background document and preliminary implementation plan for the Finnish Nuclear Initiative in the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan.
Execution and reporting of the prestudy on the development of the Finnish nuclear licensing model.
Execution and reportin the survey of the development of nuclear requlatory controls in Finland.
Preparation of general advice to the Management of the Kepco International Nuclear Graduate School (KINGS).
Contributions to the European Project Modernisation & Optimisation of European Nuclear Supply Chain.

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